About SocialBeing

Welcome to SocialBeing, a platform which enables people to connect with each other in meaningful new ways!


Our Story

SocialBeing was founded in 2011 by Alexander Kafiluddin as an extra secure and privacy centered social network. The name SocialBeing speaks for itself. We were founded with the belief that we are all social beings with the desire to be able to connect with one another. In 2016 we started expanding and transforming our platform. Instead of a social- only network we started transforming into a social-education network. Meaning that students, teachers and the general public could not only use the platform’s features for educational purposes but they could also connect and socialize with others. This concept is not only unique in Suriname but also outside of Suriname, worldwide.

Our Mission

Provide people with a safe and fun community on which they can discover new things and grow as an individual and as a group.

Our Vision

Become the leading platform on which people can both socialize and learn by offering outstanding services, features and tools.

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