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    Uses: Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box scientific name is optical cable connection box, also known as optical cable connection package, metal joint box, optical cable junction box and artillery type joint box. Mainly applicable to overhead straight an...  more
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    The utility model relates to the technical field of water flow hoselines, in particular to a new design expandable hose, which comprises a hose body and is characterized in that two ends of the hose body are respectively provided with water outlet assemblies.
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    Applications-peristaltic pump hose, delivery hose, sampling hose, disposable hose, sealing ring and gasket.
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    Surface residue:
    White residues on the high-strength Track Bolt were analyzed with an infrared spectrometer and confirmed to be phosphides. No acid detergent was used for cleaning, and the rinsing tank was inspected and found that the bath had a high ...  more
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    Beam clamps are known for providing adequate support and portable means of attaching a hoist to a lifting beam or runway. They are crucial to the industrial sector as they offer proper support and better load control. There are 3 types of beam clamps avai...  more
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    There are many types of rubber tubes. According to the structure, they can be divided into different types such as single-layer rubber tubes, composite rubber tubes, straight rubber tubes and special-shaped rubber tubes. The production process of straight...  more
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    Curtains form an important part of our life. Curtains provide privacy, warmth and even protection from the harsh sunlight. While the curtain fabric is of different materials, cleaning them regularly is of utmost importance to avoid any health problems rel...  more
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    Self-adhesive label stickers are also called self-adhesive stickers, instant stickers, instant stickers, pressure-sensitive paper, etc. A composite material that is processed into printing, die-cutting, and other processing to become a finished label. Whe...  more
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    The side effects of drinking CHUNMEE 41022 include higher chances of anxiety, gastrointestinal troubles, and kidney stones, as well as insomnia. However, when green tea is consumed in moderation, most of these side effects can be avoided.

    Anxiety: The ca...  more
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    For many, no drink is more synonymous with good health than GREEN TEA 41022, the ancient Chinese beverage known for its soothing aroma and abundance of antioxidants. By some estimates, Americans drink nearly 10 billion servings of green tea each year.

    Bu...  more

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