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    At present, China only accounts for 2% of the global market for medical molds. The ratio of medicines to medical devices is only 2.5:1, compared with 1:...  more
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    There are elderly elders in the family, or people with physical disabilities, who are no strangers to indoor elevators. However, the elevators in most people's homes are usually gray and gray. It is like taking a freight elevator and taking a freight Elev...  more
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    While vane pumps can handle abstinent bendability liquids, they excel at administration low bendability liquids such as LP gas (propane), ammonia, solvents, alcohol, ammunition oils, gasoline, and refrigerants. Vane pumps accept no centralized metal-to-me...  more
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    Needle-free injection is an advanced syringe that uses a high-speed airflow to push the drug solution into the patient's skin.
    ...  more
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    According to China's current level of economic development, basically rich people still occupy a large part of the building. Many people will choose elevators in their own buildings, but we need to introduce some basic information. When choosing elevators...  more
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    Aquariums are made of laminated tempered glass and are not easily broken.
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    Is acrylic fish tank good or not, what is the difference with ordinary glass fish tank?
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    When the people who celebrated Christmas pulled out the old trash can in the crawling space filled with festive decorations and Christmas lights, it was the time of the year. Few people will throw old strings of lights that they used many years ago, and L...  more
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    Taizhou Yongchang Hydraulic Machinery Co , Ltd is a professional Gear Pump Manufacturers in China. We provide various gear pumps and gear pump devices. Unlike centrifugal pumps, the gear pump is a positive displacement pump and is ideal for trans...  more
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    Mirror Acrylic has expanded in scale and more and more exquisite projects have been built.

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