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    The decoration design of the فيلا مصعد is very important. The villa elevator is used as a private villa elevator, which requires convenience and comfort, and also brings visual enjoyment. Try not to damage the original decoration style, but also better in...  more
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    Large acrylic sheet has important properties that should not be ignored when considering material for the construction of an aquarium.
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    High manganese steel castings is one of the main products of Shenyang Gongda.
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    Horticultural tools were mostly sold to flower and wood farms or exported in previous years. However, in recent years, they have openly entered the common people's families. Its style and color also changed from the monotony of the past, adding unique and...  more
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    Cap screws often rust due to various reasons. Some Cap Screw may become completely locked when rust occurs, resulting in the failure of the cap screw itself to operate, that is, the cap screws cannot be removed or continue to be locked. The complete locki...  more
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    If you interested in GF Machinery, please feel free to contact us any time:

    Zhejiang Guanfeng Food Machinery Co.,Ltd. #freezedrymachine
    ...  more
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    First, let’s take a look at the Elevator Lift speed classification.
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    Servo energy saving is the most fashionable expression at present, and how to select an oil pump has become a contradictory topic. Some say that vane pump cannot be applied to servo system because its rotation speed cannot be lower than 600 rpm, others sa...  more
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    The first is the equipment cost of an elevator, which is the basic price of an elevator. Of course, different elevator company brands also have different prices, such as: villa elevators, home elevators, sightseeing elevators, elevators of different uses ...  more
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    Acrylic aquarium ecological fish farming, acrylic aquarium is much more convenient than traditional fish farming, acrylic aquarium is easy to take care of. Moreover, it is more ornamental in shape. Nowadays, acrylic aquarium fish culture is the main metho...  more

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